Mike has been one of the most in-demand golf instructors in NYC for the past nine years, giving over 8,000 hours of lessons exclusively on golf simulators. While Mike has worked and taught at a number of golf courses, he is very aware of the struggles the city golfer faces. He has developed a teaching style that allows golfers to maximize their own limited practice time and space. Mike prides himself on taking away the intimidation factor of learning to play golf and has turned many raw beginners into avid golfers who look forward to playing with clients or for fun instead of seeing it as a burden. He also has coached a host of serious golfers, including collegiate players and local club champions. Every golf swing is unbelievably unique and Mike believes they should be treated that way. Tips and ideas that may work for one player may be the exact opposite for another, and Mike is an expert on developing specific concepts and drills that make sense for the goals of each individual.

Mike started playing golf at the age of nine and quickly took to the game. He was a four-year varsity high school golfer and an all-county player. While attending Siena College, he began teaching during his summers while working at several clubs on Long Island. After graduating, Mike became an assistant golf professional at Brynwood G&CC and finished first in the PGA's playing ability test. Currently, Mike is a full-time instructor in his Manhattan studio on 38th Street. He hosts corporate events, puts on clinics and offers playing lessons outdoors at a variety of courses in the area.