Accurate Feedback 
After every swing, get to know exactly what the ball did and how the club head impacted the ball. Learn how far you can hit each of your clubs and dial in your distances! 

On Course Scenarios
Practice real-life situations on one of over 93 championship golf courses. Navigate virtual hazards and force yourself to hit a variety of shots using different clubs. Practice with consequence to gain confidence. 

Located just north of Union Square, come before or after work, during a lunch break, or even on the weekend. A variety of quality equipment is available free of charge, so no need to lug a golf bag through the city. 

Controlled Environment
Experience full privacy in perfect weather all year. Let Mike show you how to improve your form, transition from a driving range to a real course, and develop strong, and consistent practice habits.

Video Feedback
Every lesson includes video analysis with a before and after swing and an emailed recap of the topics discussed in the lesson. Send Mike a video from your phone or iPad and have him help within minutes!

Full Swing Simulators
The clear industry leader used by PGA tour pros, Jordan Spieth and Tiger Woods. Using infared light to measure ball speed and spin, and a high speed camera capturing club head data, the realism is unmatched.